Pomodoro, Pomodoro!

Pomodoroing along. Not sure what the writing streak is at actually, but I’ve still only not written twice in the last month. It’s been not only easier to sit down to write, but harder to stand up and stop writing. The pomodoros really help there, because as long as I enforce them regularly, it feels like I want to get back to writing. I’m still in the Amazed At Self stage, which is kinda nice.

Also, this is the MOST ORGANISED I’ve ever been as a writer. Snakes is nestled happily in a Scrivener folder (backed up to a zip file) and I have a neatly organised research folder, files that credit who helped me with what idea (yes, all you folks who answered my earthquake question are in there), queries for later outlined chapter by chapter, the previously mentioned timeline with lunar calendar dates. And whenever an idea occurs to me, all I have to do is go to the chapter notes and stick it in so I don’t forget that oh yeah, I wanted that character to make an appearance now or this clue to be found then.

Writing Report: On the Lake

Tonight I strolled down to Lake Union, sprawled next to the dock, and wrote by hand in my purple notebook of outlining-ness. I wrote some motivational scenes from a character’s viewpoint, I wrote some emotional stream of consciousness, and then I did an analysis on whether or not the snakes should be united in hating Jason (Meg’s boyfriend) when the book opens or divided. United they slither means that Megs has immediate opposition in all things, which raises the stakes for her, since there is nothing worse than having your family hate your boyfriend. But it’s so early in the book’s structure. And divided gives them a chance to display the opposing personalities of all three characters early on: Megs, Elaphe, and Ignatius. Or I can have all three of them kibitz on the subject and have Eph and Igs come to a reluctant agreement over Jason for differing reasons. Which is what I’m tending towards.

Problems I’m worried about: A) Making Megs unlikeable by not being spined up enough to leave Jason already and holding onto what is evidentally a dying relationship and B) if this would be inconsistent with the rest of her personality which is rather bold otherwise. I wonder how much of this is self-sabotage–she does have insecurities, even if she gets prickly and defensive and not-giving a fuck outwardly–and how much is her realising he is a toxic douchebag at this point. (Not an irretrievable toxic douchebag, mind you, but Jason’s salvation is NOT going to come via Megs.)

When not writing Snakes stuff, I wrote descriptive sentences about the waterfront. I even parlayed some of those back into the narratives for Meg’s emotional landscape, as the idea of boats and wakes was evocative emotionally speaking.

Tomorrow night is another improv night, so bound to be a bit light on the writing front, unless I manage during lunch.