About Lis


Lis Mitchell is an artist, writer, and mouthy heretic. This is her place to experiment, fail, remix, and try to make desperate desperate contact with her creative muses. Failing that, she will be using this space as a place to learn discipline and practise the fine art of keeping ones tail in one’s seat.

Lis was born and raised in Utah. She likes to say she spent the formative years of her early adult life in Canada. She has lived in: Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Alberta, California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Washington, and has liked all of them, but her favourite places are San Francisco and Arches National Park. Her latest geographical obsession is the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

Lis likes: books, maps, photography, improv,

Lis hopes to get better at: her ukulele.

Current Primary Goals:
A) Finish Snakes and Ladders
B) Get up an art show.

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