Broken Habit

What with all the things I had going on yesterday, primarily class and interview, but also trying to get some stuff done before John left, I failed to write, thus breaking my writing streak of nearly three weeks straight. BUT instead of letting that be the end of it, I made sure to pomodoro today. I am now two chapters from the end of the expanded outline/treatment that tells me all my beats and known details. When it is done, I will begin integrating the existing chapters that aren’t getting cut into the new draft and then writing out from the point where I got stuck on the novel. 

At this point I can confidently say that I know a LOT more about the details where I got stuck, that the world is denser, that Megs is way more pro-active than once she was, and that I have a bunch of little clues and red herrings and world building for later that I didn’t previously. 

And improv is right–every thing you need has been improvised already. 

The Virtues of Outlining: The Calendar Timeline!

Seriously, sometimes it REALLY helps to make a grounded timeline. I picked out an event to start my timeline, and then started working out days and times compared to my rough outline. I grabbed calendars from November 2011 through April 2012 and everything started falling into place. Megs has a family gathering in the timeline–oh, look, that week is Thanksgiving, that’s convenient. There’s an office party–oh, Christmas, right. Valentine’s Day, the Ides of March, April Fools, and a convenient Friday the 13th all line up to plot points, or have spawned a couple of Wouldn’t It Be Interesting If THIS Happened plot ideas.

Even better, this means the sequel is lined up for the summer and fall of an election year! Just like I wanted it to be. HANDY!